Bucket List pt.5: Stone Cold Fox

Stone Cold Fox is a vintage-inspired fashion label for the free-spirited laid-back girl. Founded by Californian beach girls Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand, SCF designs are influenced by their travels to exotic places and passion for all things 60s and 70s. Each piece is made in LA and produced when ordered out of the highest quality silks and laces. SCF beautiful designs are the type of clothes that seamlessly take you from the beach to dinner to going out. It's the perfect wardrobe for the girl with effortless style who feels confident in her own skin and loves to feel sexy in an understated way.

The name Stone Cold Fox was inspired by Sofia Coppola's indie cult gem, The Virgin Suicides. It's out of the scene when Josh Hartnett puts his arm around Kirsten Dunst and whispers "you're a stone cold fox," a.k.a. 70's speak for "you're a total babe." Kind of perfect since their clothes have a major 60's-70's vibe and it's pretty much impossible not to feel like a babe when you put them on.

Similar to the founders of For Love & Lemons, Cydney and Dallas met as little girls and have been best friends ever since. After college, the two babes moved back home and worked day jobs while devoting nights and weekends to kickstarting their dreamy boho brand. Cydney hand-sketches and paints each ethereal look and together with Dallas, they narrow down styles, decide on fabrics, and brainstorm photo shoot ideas, mood boards and marketing efforts.

SCF's success is positively well deserved and particularly inspiring given the girls had no investors or backing. Fortunately, this very lack of outside influences is what allowed them to stay true to themselves while growing SCF. With spanking new headquarters in DTLA, super cool collaborations with the likes of LUV AJ & Beach Riot, and a gorgeous bridal and home line; Stone Cold Fox is quickly becoming a full-blown lifestyle brand.

Stone Cold Fox's delicate and intricate designs might seem fragile at first, but their classic shapes and high-quality fabrics render each piece as timeless as your favorite vintage find. Their clothes are meant to be held onto for life. Whether you're 25 or 55 years-old, your SCF pieces will always leave you feeling sexy and beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Stone Cold Fox!  Personally, this series is seriously strengthening my passion for the fashion industry and its ability to empower women. So many incredible entrepreneurial ladies out there working hard and living their dreams, few things inspire me more.

I'll be back tomorrow with a lazy weekend look post!
♥, T

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